Born and raised in Queens, NY. I turn problems into ideas, and ideas into solutions. I like data science & analytics. I love success stories.


I am a highly motivated and open-minded technologist.  I am also a humanist and believe that today's innovator is someone who is dedicated to improving the standard of living for those around him.  I genuinely believe that people are meant to coexist, and that technological solutions should only be created to enhance those experiences.  Whether you're creating technology to help folks find the right job, or to connect with long lost friends via social media, or maybe to find a local doctor - technology should help people connect. That's what I believe, and I'll never stop working towards my passion.

With formal education in electrical engineering and computer sciences, I started my career in software consulting. Since then, I've applied myself to working as a data scientist, as well as helping a company grow a business intelligence team from the ground up.  I find the ability to combine a qualitative understanding of business with the quantitative truths that lie in data to be a very intriguing toolset.